Val Müstair
UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Natural Biosphere in Switzerland
Cross-Views of 4 Continents on Val Müstair

“Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” – Seneca

Welcome to Val Müstair 

by Dr. Carolina Islas Sedano (Mexico)

Carolina made her way to marvelous Val Müstair. 

Enjoy her inner journey in Müstair Valley.

Listening and reflecting in all the different layers of time in one place to make sense of our today.

Those layers of time that we can find in these walls.

As they tell us that there were people here, who put their passion, their dreams, their illusions  and all that they believe upon

Tessanda Woven Textile Production in Val Mustair 

by  Puspita Ayu Permatasari, PhD Candidate (Indonesia)

 Val Müstair, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, is the marvelous place, built by love and preserved in eternity.

White, pure, Red, heart, compassion is reflected from the string of the Tessanda linen textile 

Everyone is happy, the culture that is built by hopes and love. 

This place gives the best memories for those who come and love its values.

The sense of natural Arve wood from Mustair 

by Giulio Del Giudice (Italia)

This wood smells good 

It is produced from the trees of this valley

It keeps the smell over time

everything here is made of it. 

Natural Biosphere in Val Mustair 

by Dr. Abega Martial (Cameroon)

The wood of the roof and timbers of the small chapel of the Monastery that has passed through the ages, continues to firmly carry the buildings that have gone through centuries.

This force of the wood of the forest echoes that of the Essingan tree of the forests of Central and South Cameroon.

The Essigan tree was used to designate influential men of society, and symbolized both greatness and power.

Feel free to Play the Hands-on 3D Scan Photo of Marvelous St. John Monastery

Link to the 3D scan of St. John Convent 


How far do you know about the Legend Charle Magne and the foundation of European civilization? 

Follow his traces in Val Mustair's heritage site!

Let's play the Quiz with us 

360 degrees photos for your best experience

St. John Convent Monastery

Natural Biosphere in Val Müstair

Look inside the Chapel of St. John Convent (1-upper ground)

Look inside the Chapel of St. John Convent (2-lower ground)

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